“Without question, starving the EPA of funding will mean more people get sick and die. Our land, air and water will be dirtier, and we’ll slide faster toward climate catastrophe.”

Brett Hartl, Government Affairs Director, Center for Biological Diversity

The U.S. EPA accounts for just 0.22 percent, or $8 billion, of a $4 trillion federal budget. The agency’s budget already has been repeatedly cut by Congress in recent years and is already, in real dollars, close to its lowest level in forty years.

Under President Trump’s current budget, the EPA would take the hardest hit of any agency. The proposed 31% budget cut would eliminate 25% of its staff and discontinue a number of critical programs, despite the fact that 63% of Americans have a favorable view of the EPA, more than 85% of Americans agree that climate change is a problem, and 59% of Americans say protecting the environment should be a higher priority than development of U.S. energy supplies.