The fight for climate action and the clean energy economy defines our generation

Caroline Burkholder, Pennsylvania Regional Campus Director for Defend Our Future

AFGE Local 3631 and Defend Our Future Rally in Philadelphia

Save the U.S. EPA/Defend Our Future/AFGE Local 3631 Rally
with Students from Drexel and Temple Universities

Gary W. Morton, President, AGFE Local 3631 (U.S. EPA Mid-Atlantic Region 3)
Caroline Burkholder, Pennsylvania State Director, Defend Our Future
Rebecca Levitsky, Student, Temple University                           

Thursday, September 28, 2017
12:30 PM EST

US EPA Region 3 Mid-Atlantic Office, 1650 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

The U.S. EPA is slated for a minimum 7% funding reduction which, when adjusted for inflation, would be the lowest funding for the agency since the Reagan Administration, resulting in the elimination of the Offices of Environmental Justice and Public Engagement, and all 14 climate voluntary partnership programs. In addition, the proposed budget will slash state grants, cut geographic programs, and eliminate funding for science and technology programs by 14 percent.

According to the State of Risk: Pennsylvania, which details the economic impact of the proposed cuts in addition to their far reaching effects on science research, the cuts would eliminate grants to boost environmental research like the $14.2 million awarded to Temple, Villanova, Carnegie Mellon and Penn State and the Science to Achieve Results Program or STAR, which awarded $1.5 million in competitive science and engineering research grants and fellowships to Pennsylvania institutions last year.

Representatives from Defend Our Future and AFGE Local 3631/Save the U.S. EPA are joining students from Temple and Drexel Universities and community environmental and public health advocates on Thursday to spotlight the unique threat posed by these cuts to the Greater Philadelphia area.

“The fight for climate action and the clean energy economy defines our generation,” said Caroline Burkholder, Pennsylvania Regional Campus Director for Defend Our Future, a project of the Environmental Defense Fund and a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to working with young people interested in advancing climate change and clean energy solutions that grow our economy and protect the world for future generations,

“As a student of environmental science and public policy, it is difficult to accept that we have an administration turning its back on science, technology and hardworking young people who have invested their time and talents into bettering our environment and the health of our communities,” says Defend Our Future student leader and Temple University junior, Sarah Kuchan. “It is important that we speak out to protect the EPA for our environment, our health and our economy.”

“I am learning from Millennials,” said AFGE Local 3631 President, Gary Morton. “It matters not whether you graduated college 25, 35 years or 45 years ago. This generation stands for public health for all Americans. And, these university students are outspoken about protecting Pennsylvanians from air pollution and water contamination.”

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