Cutting back EPA’s efforts to enforce the rules that protect us — in favor of polluters’ profits — runs completely against what mothers and fathers across the country want: safe and clean air.

Dominique Browning, Founder, Moms Clean Air Force

Fighting Climate Change Could Get Harder

The EPA has a clear legal obligation to protect the public from carbon pollution. The Supreme Court has affirmed EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act three times. No other EPA area of work will be as battered as the agency’s climate programs. President Trump’s budget would eliminate basically all funding for EPA’s work on climate – including the Clean Power Plan, international climate programs and all climate research.

Air Quality Could Suffer

The Clean Air Act of 1970 was passed by a bipartisan Congress to provide comprehensive protection against harmful air pollution. Because of the Clean Air Act, six common pollutants in our air have been reduced by 70 percent.

President Trump’s budget cuts Environmental Protection Agency grants for state and local air quality monitoring by a third.

Cleaning Up Toxic Chemicals Could Slow Down

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Superfund program is used to clean up dangerous chemicals that have been dumped, pumped or leeched into local communities, threatening residents with unchecked exposure to hazardous waste, radioactive materials and toxic chemicals.

President Trump’s budget calls for a 27% reduction in Superfund cleanup funding.

Billions In Consumer Savings Would Vanish

Over the past 25 years the voluntary Energy Star program, managed by the EPA, reviews the energy efficiency of a variety of electronic product categories, and identifies the best performers. Since its creation, Energy Star has saved consumers $430 billion – $34 billion in 2015 alone – and prevented 2.7 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Without the program, we’ll see higher electric bills, less competitive manufacturing, wasted energy, more pollution and more sick kids.

President Trump’s budget eliminates the Energy Star program.

Fewer Homes Will Become Energy Efficient

The Weatherization and Intergovernmental Programs Office has worked with state, local and tribal governments for decades to assist more than 7 million low-income households find significant savings through energy efficiency. Meanwhile, the weatherization upgrades have lowered families’ utility bills an average of $283 per year and brought demonstrated improvements to health and safety.

President Trump’s budget eliminates this U.S. Department of Energy office.