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A legislative day is defined as beginning when a house of Congress meets and ending when it adjourns. The House of Representatives almost always adjourns at the end of a daily session, so its calendar day and legislative day coincide. In contrast, the Senate often does not adjourn at the end of a daily session, but instead “recesses,” so when the Senate next meets, it continues in the same legislative day. As a result, a legislative day in the Senate may extend over days, weeks, or even months. The Senate practice is a time-saving device, allowing the Senate to circumvent the requirement of a “morning hour” at the beginning of each legislative day. (Morning hour is a two-hour period in which the Senate conducts routine business, known as “morning business,” calls the calendar of bills awaiting floor consideration, and allows Senators to deliver “morning hour speeches” on any subject.)

House Calendar (115th Congress, 1st Session)

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United States House of Representatives