Travel Ban Keeps Scientists Out of the Lab

Travel Ban Keeps Scientists Out of the Lab

 Hanan Isweiri is a Ph.D. student at Colorado State University. She flew to Libya in January to visit with family after her father’s death. She was able to re-enter the U.S. Saturday. Courtesy of Colorado State University

The scientific community has been roiled by the Trump travel ban.

Like tens of thousands of residents of the seven Muslim majority countries, scientists have been stranded — cut off from their labs, worried they won’t be able to attend upcoming conferences. And even though the ban has been temporarily reversed by a court order, they are uncertain about what the future holds — and the implications for their work.

Consider the case of Ph.D. candidate Hanan Isweiri. She left her lab at Colorado State University to fly home to Libya after the death of her father.

She was expected back in Colorado 10 days ago. But on her return trip to the U.S., she was stopped while trying to catch a connecting flight in Jordan.


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