Kentucky Community Hopes Trump Infrastructure Plan Will Fix Water System



Martin County relies on a water treatment plant that was built in 1968.

Benny Becker/Ohio Valley ReSource

As President Trump promises major investment in infrastructure, people across the country are hoping that includes spending on water pipes for drinking.

Flint, Mich., was a high-profile example of the many communities — like one in Eastern Kentucky — where people just can’t trust their water.

In Martin County, Ky., the water intake pulls from a river heavily contaminated by sewage and years of coal and gas extraction.

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ASCE Infrastructure Grade: Why America Nearly Failed


ASCE Infrastructure Grade: Why America Nearly Failed

ASCE Report Card

What is the ASCE Report Card?

In 1998, the American Society of Civil Engineers, or ASCE, began grading the United States using a standard school format ranging from A to F in a variety of 16 different categories.  The report comes out every four years and the latest report has just been released, and it doesn’t look very promising.  The report card also makes recommendations on how the categories can be improved upon in the future. Here are the 16 categories and how America ranked in each one from the start of the grading until now:

ASCE Report Card
ASCE report card history


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