“By downgrading science at the Environmental Protection Agency, denying the basic tenets of the global climate change problem, and cutting the annual budget of the EPA by more than 30 percent, the Trump administration is putting all of us at risk—especially our children and grandchildren.”

John J. O’Grady, Past President, AFGE Council 238


Denise D. Morrison
Acting President
AFGE National Council of EPA Locals #238


Steven Calder
AFGE Local #3428
Boston and Chelmsford, MA

Mark Coryell
AFGE Local #3907
Ann Arbor, MI

Nate James
AFGE Local #3331
Washington, DC

Gary Morton
AFGE Local #3631
Philadelphia, PA

Mike Mikulka
AFGE Local #704
Chicago, IL

Priscilla Oliver
AFGE Local #534
Atlanta, GA

Clovis Steib
AFGE Local #1003
Dallas, TX

Antony Tseng
AFGE Local #3911
New York City, NY


John O’Grady
President (Retired)
AFGE National Council of EPA Locals #238

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Keith Fusinski, PhD
Second Vice President, AGFE Council #238
Vice President, Professional Unit, AFGE Local #704

Steve Faryan

Member and Spokesperson
AFGE Local #704 and AFGE Council #238

Paul J. Novak
AFGE Local #704