A 17 Million Car Pile-Up

The Trump administration recently announced a plan to freeze regulations that require any automaker that sells automobiles in the United States to steadily ramp up the fuel efficiency of its cars and trucks and ramp down the amount of pollution they put into the troposphere.

Gutting the Clean Power Plan

As the impacts of climate change hit home in another summer of regrettable records such as the massive megafires that are burning in California and the red tide that is decimating Florida’s coasts, the Administration continues its efforts to dismantle federal progress made towards a more sustainable climate.

Five Critical EPA Health Rules Jeopardized by Censored Science

For 18 months now, the Trump administration has waged an aggressive battle against science in an effort to bolster the interests of polluters. That same campaign to undermine truth and mislead the public has infected the politically-appointed leadership of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – as disgraced, former Administrator Scott Pruitt and a cast of industry insiders have taken aim at the very research and science that undergirds many of America’s most fundamental public health and environmental protections.