Lowes Listens, Drops Dangerous Toxics; Home Depot Hedges

Scott Pruitt and the Trump Administration’s strategy of stalling and stonewalling on action to protect the public from toxic chemicals is starting to crumble, and the latest proof is Lowes’s recent announcement that it will stop selling paint strippers containing two toxic chemicals, methylene chloride (MC) and n-methypyrollidone (NMP).
We are social scientists with interests in environmental health, environmental justice and inequality and democracy.

Scott Pruitt is Changing EPA’s Mission from Protecting Public Health to Protecting Industry

The Environmental Protection Agency made news recently for excluding reporters from a “summit” meeting on chemical contamination in drinking water. Episodes like this are symptoms of a larger problem: an ongoing, broad-scale takeover of the agency by industries it regulates.

We are social scientists with interests in environmental health, environmental justice and inequality and democracy.

Pruitt Must Go, and the Trump Destruction of Nature and People Must Stop

We’ve seen over the past year and more that Pruitt’s reason d’etre at EPA is to take down environmental rules and regulations that are deemed a limit to the “freedom” of capitalist businesses to gut nature to maximize profitability. Pruitt was appointed by Trump for this despicable work because of his resume as Oklahoma Attorney General attacking the very things the EPA is supposed to protect-clean air, water, soil, wildlife, people’s health and ecosystems, etc.

Scott Pruitt Continues to Destroy the Environment

Let me count the ways that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is destroying the environment.

Here are just a few: Under EPA chief Scott Pruitt, the agency decided to ignore scientific evidence and not ban chlorpyrifos, a pesticide known to have caused serious health problems in the past. That was last year.

In January 2018 the EPA officially decided to revoke the Clean Air Policy, allowing for more pollution.

Americans Need a Strong U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Since the EPA was established in 1970 “to consolidate in one agency a variety of federal research, monitoring, standard-setting and enforcement activities to ensure environmental protection,” the Agency has been a powerful leader in the clean-up of polluted water, air and land. From reducing auto emissions, to banning several dangerous pesticides, to increasing recycling, EPA led the way. The air we breathe is much cleaner as a result. Toxic pollutants have been reduced, including such deadly threats as mercury, sulfur dioxide and particulate matter. Countless citizens have been spared premature death and debilitating disease.

Focus on Pruitt’s Scandals Obscures Environmental Degradation Under Trump

Scott Pruitt sure is busy these days. The climate change-denying head of the Environmental Protection Agency has been renting out a DC condo on the cheap from an energy lobbyist; installing a $43,000 soundproof booth for his telephone calls; passing out improper pay raises to aides; jet-setting around the world on first-class flights; hitting up Disneyland and the Rose Bowl with his oversized $3 million, 20-person security detail; receiving police escorts to trendy DC restaurant Le Diplomate; and even having a fancy dinner in Rome with Vatican treasurer, climate denier and recently charged child sexual abuser George Pell.

One Year After Trump’s Paris Ignorance, Climate Progress Still Being Made

Attending the Paris climate conference in December 2015 is one of the major highlights of my climate activism career. Being with so many amazing people from around the world left me inspired and energized. And while I was greatly disappointed that Trump intends to withdraw the U.S. from that historic international climate agreement, one year after that move we’re still making some phenomenal progress against climate change — especially in reducing our reliance on coal, which was our biggest source of climate pollution for decades.