Ten Reasons to #FirePruitt

Adored by both Big Oil and President Donald Trump, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is the ultimate example of what happens when corrupt public officials side with corporate polluters instead of protecting the American people.

I used to work at the EPA. Now I have lung disease and depend on it

For more than 30 years, I was a proud employee of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Pacific Southwest regional office in San Francisco. My job was to help develop systems to protect clean air and mitigate toxic contamination. I’m particularly grateful for the work I did on emergency response measures that set up monitoring and reporting systems to inform the public of the impacts of disasters such as wildfires on air quality.

EPA’s proposed repeal will make Americans sicker

Right now, the Environmental Protection Agency is in the midst of a process to repeal the Clean Power Plan, adopted in 2015 as the first national strategy to reduce carbon pollution from existing power plants. Taking steps to reduce carbon pollution, as outlined in the Clean Power Plan, not only limits this major driver of climate change, but reduces other toxic air pollution from power plants at the same time.