Tell Congress: Reject Any Budget That Attacks the EPA

Tell Congress: Reject Any Budget That Attacks the EPA

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Climate Activist—

The hits keep coming.

It started with the unnecessarily rushed confirmation of Scott Pruitt as EPA Administrator—even as we waited on the release of thousands of emails between his office and major energy industry interests, which were ordered to be released by an Oklahoma judge.

Then came the emails—the ones that proved he misled Congress during his confirmation hearing. When Senator Cory Booker asked Pruitt if he had ever used a private email address for official business, Pruitt insisted he only ever used his official Office of the Attorney General email. The released documents proved otherwise, and the Oklahoma attorney general’s office confirmed it. The email release has since been stalled, and we have yet to know the full extent of his secret dealings with the very industry players he has now been tasked with regulating.

And then came President Trump’s proposed budget—one demanding the EPA’s funds be drastically cut.

It’s time to fight back: Email your members of Congress today, and tell them not to let the EPA budget be slashed.

The fact is, the EPA’s budget is already about as low as it can get—it accounts for just 0.22% of the federal budget. And President Trump wants to slash it by nearly a quarter.

The proposed cuts are so outrageous that members of the President’s own party are speaking out:

“There’s not that much in the EPA [budget] for crying out loud,” said Mike Simpson (R-ID), the chairman of the House Energy and Water Appropriations Committee.

“EPA has been cut by over 20 percent in the last few years. The discretionary budget has been lowered pretty dramatically compared to how it was in 2009, and it’s under what Paul Ryan thought it would be in his budget,” explained Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK).

We need to keep stoking this opposition on both sides of the aisle—because too much is at risk.

Clean Air Act pollution limits implemented by the EPA provide $30 in health benefits for every $1 invested in compliance. By 2020, those same pollution limits will save 230,000 lives each year. And 2.7 million people work in clean energy nationwide.

Those financial benefits, those lives saved, and those jobs are all at risk if the EPA budget is cut, leaving the agency unable to follow through on protecting America’s bedrock environmental protections.

We simply cannot allow this to stand. Take action before it’s too late, and tell your members of Congress to reject any budget that attacks the EPA.

Heather ShelbyThank you for standing with us,
Heather Shelby
Action Network Manager

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