Protect America’s Arctic : Thank You – Take Action!: NRDC’s Save BioGems

Protect America’s Arctic : Thank You – Take Action!: NRDC’s Save BioGems.


The Obama Administration is moving ahead with a plan for the Western Arctic Reserve that will protect vital habitat for caribou, polar bears, beluga whales and millions of migratory birds. Ask Interior Secretary Salazar to stand strong against those who would weaken this wildlife-friendly plan.

Fracking Flame

I have wonderful news to report in our long-running campaign to protect the Western Arctic Reserve — one of our continent’s largest expanses of untouched wilderness.

Earlier this year, we generated more than 45,000 messages, urging the Obama Administration to adopt a plan that would protect key wildlife habitat in the Reserve from oil and gas development.

The Bureau of Land Management listened … and is now moving ahead with that preferred plan!

Please send Interior Secretary Ken Salazar a message of thanks for protecting some 11 million acres of critical wildlife habitat within the Reserve.

Secretary Salazar will be under enormous pressure from the oil lobby and others who would weaken these wildlife protections. He needs to hear pro-wildlife voices like yours.

Since the Western Arctic Reserve was set aside as a “National Petroleum Reserve” almost a century ago, it has been constantly vulnerable to efforts by Big Oil to turn it into an oil and gas wasteland.

Thanks to the Bureau’s new plan, many of its most sensitive wildlands will now be safeguarded.

That includes the prized Teshekpuk Lake region, which provides critical calving grounds for a large caribou herd, as well as summer habitat for polar bears … and the Kasegaluk Lagoon, where thousands of beluga whales gather every year to feed and bear their young. A staggering variety of birds also take refuge in these wetlands, some migrating from as far south as Antarctica.

This is a huge win not only for Arctic wildlife, but for all Americans who care about protecting our natural heritage for future generations … and it would not have been possible without your online activism and support.

Send Interior Secretary Salazar a message of thanks for granting the Western Arctic Reserve the strong protection it needs — and ask him to fend off any and all attempts to weaken it.

Thank you for standing with NRDC to keep the Arctic wild and free.


Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council



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