Fighting Misinformation about Climate Science

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Fighting Misinformation about Climate Science

Union of Concerned Scientists calls out News Corporation for overwhelmingly misleading coverage of climate science

On September 21, 2012, the Union of Concerned Scientists hand-delivered nearly 20,000 postcards to News Corporation’s New York headquarters calling on News Corp. to stop misleading its audience about climate science.

The delivery culminated a UCS-sponsored event that highlighted the current state of climate science and its coverage in the media. The video above captures the highlights from the day’s activities in Bryant Park and outside News Corp. headquarters.

News Corporation misleads nearly 4 million viewers and readers on climate science

Our recent snapshot analysis, Is News Corp. Failing Science?, found that recent coverage of climate science in two of News Corp.’s flagship properties — Fox News Channel and the Wall Street Journal opinion pages — has been overwhelmingly misleading.

Don’t stand for it! Help fight misinformation about climate science

Misinformation like this confuses the public about the facts of global warming and delays essential action to reduce the man-made emissions that cause global warming.

Here’s how you can help set the record straight:

More on the New York City event: A run-down of the day’s activities

The event began with a noontime panel featuring TIME magazine senior writer Bryan Walsh and Harvard University professor and Union of Concerned Scientists Board Chair Dr. James McCarthy, who discussed the state of climate science and its coverage in the media.

Listen to the panel discussion highlights (Scientific American, Science Talk podcast)

The panel discussion was followed by a presentation in Bryant Park by UCS climate scientist Brenda Ekwurzel, who identified specific instances of misleading information in a recent Wall Street Journal opinion piece.

Ekwurzel marked up a six-foot-tall version of the January 27, 2012, article — “No Need to Panic About Global Warming – There’s no compelling scientific argument for drastic action to ‘decarbonize’ the world’s economy.” — and itemized numerous examples of misleading information about climate science.

After the presentation, Ekwurzel joined Dena Adler, co-author of the report; Jean Sideris, UCS climate outreach coordinator; and Angela Anderson, director of the UCS climate and energy program, on a walk to News Corporation headquarters, where they delivered nearly 20,000 postcards submitted by members and other concerned citizens.

Photos: Desdemona Burgin

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