Research is the key to defeating lung disease

American Lung Association
Research is the key to defeating lung disease
Lung Research
View projects being funded through the Lung Association’s Nationwide Research Program.

We fund researchers like Dr. Tliba at an important point in their careers to gain long-term commitment to lung disease research.

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Research provides us all with hope that one day we will live in a world without lung disease.

Medical advances made possible through research by the American Lung Association have helped shed new light on many devastating lung diseases, bringing us closer to our goal of one day finding a cure. Your support helps to fund this research and with your help, the Lung Association continues to be instrumental in launching the careers of some of the most promising scientists.

The innovative and creative researchers supported by the Lung Association’s Nationwide Research Program have improved treatment and advanced the understanding of devastating diseases including lung cancer, asthma, and COPD—this work fuels our fight against lung disease.

Dr. Omar TlibaResearch conducted by Dr. Omar Tliba, of Thomas Jefferson University, explores more effective therapy for asthma patients who don’t respond well to the treatment that is normally a mainstay in controlling asthma.

As a result of support from the American Lung Association Biomedical Research Grant, Dr. Tliba has helped us better understand what causes inflammation in the lungs of people with asthma. His research has also resulted in the surprising discovery that vitamin D may help these patients respond better to the most commonly used treatments.

Visit our website to learn more about Dr. Tliba’s findings and all of the 2012 American Lung Association Nationwide Research Awardees.

Nearly 34 million people in the U.S. suffer with lung disease. Please help the American Lung Association ease their burden and save lives by continuing to support our fight for air.


Ross P. Lanzafame, Esq.
Ross P. Lanzafame, Esq.
Chair, National Board of Directors
American Lung Association

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