Take Action: Protect the Gulf from Hurricane Devastation.

In the wake of the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and as communities recover from Hurricane Isaac, we have a chance to speak up for restoration along the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MRGO).

The MRGO is a federal shipping channel that has impacted over 600,000 acres of coastal habitat surrounding the Greater New Orleans area, completely destroying over 27,000 acres of protective wetlands.

During Hurricane Katrina, the channel acted as a funnel, intensifying storm surge and contributing to the devastating flooding in the historic Lower 9th Ward and other affected areas.

Back in 2007, Congress gave the Army Corps of Engineers six months to come up with a comprehensive restoration plan.

Not only did the Corps delay for four years, but they are now considering taking NO action due to a dispute about who will pay. This restoration cannot wait.

Take Action: Tell the Army Corps to create a restoration plan that mirrors the scale of the damage done to these critical coastal habitats.

Thank you for your activism and support,

Heather Shelby
Action Network Coordinator

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