Witnesses accuse Big Oil of provoking violence against Keystone XL protestors. Take action now! #noKXL

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Witnesses accuse Big Oil of provoking violence against Keystone XL protestors. Take action now! #noKXL.

Dear Friends,

This is appalling. In Texas, foreign oil giant TransCanada has been accused of working with local police to launch violent attacks against American citizens protesting their toxic Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

It’s up to us to stand up to immoral actions like these. I sent TransCanada an email letting them know that’s not how we do things here. Will you join me?


Intel, Dow Cut Water Use, Spend Millions on Public Infrastructure


Intel, Dow Cut Water Use, Spend Millions on Public Infrastructure

Intel is spending more than $200 million on public infrastructure, including water and wastewater facilities, at its operations in Ocotillo, Ariz., and has partnered with the nearby City of Chandler to implement water usage technologies that benefit both the company and the local community, according to a report by CH2M HILL.

The report examines how water and wastewater costs affect business decisions across five industrial sectors: semiconductor manufacturing, thermal power generation, mining, chemicals, and oil and gas. It says an increasing demand for water resources is prompting companies to seek technological innovations and create partnerships to improve efficiency — both at their facilities and in the surrounding communities — and cut water-related costs. Continue reading “Intel, Dow Cut Water Use, Spend Millions on Public Infrastructure”

Bills of the 112th Congresss Concerning Climate Change

The bills, resolutions, and amendments of the 112th Congress dealing with climate change are divided into the following categories:

Bill categories:

Climate Change Science


Carbon Tax


Oil Sands Procurement

Airline Emissions

Carbon Capture and Storage

Other Clean Technology

Prohibiting Regulation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Narrowing Amendments

Other Continue reading “Bills of the 112th Congresss Concerning Climate Change”

The 112th Congress on climate change: Deadlocked

Submitted by Manik Roy | 09/21/2012

As Congress heads home this week to campaign for re-election, we thought we’d round up a list of all the bills, resolutions, and amendments so far this Congress that focus on climate change.  (For brevity, all legislative proposals are referred to here as “bills.”)  This is not a comprehensive list of the more than 1,000 bills touching on energy, environment, transportation, agriculture and other areas that would have an impact on climate change.  Rather it’s a list of the bills whose authors thought it was important to explicitly reference climate change or related terms such as greenhouse gases or carbon dioxide – terms that themselves have become political flash points.

Here’s the picture that emerges: Reflecting an anti-regulatory mood on Capitol Hill, there have been nearly as many proposals to block efforts to curb carbon emissions as proposals to strengthen them.  And, reflecting the general state of gridlock in Congress, virtually none of the bills proposed has been enacted. Continue reading “The 112th Congress on climate change: Deadlocked”

Sierra Club Targets Six House Incumbents With “Toxic Money, Toxic Votes” Campaign

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Sierra Club Press Release

For Immediate Release                                     Contact:  Trey Pollard, (202) 495-3058

September 19, 2012

 Sierra Club Targets Six House Incumbents With “Toxic Money, Toxic Votes” Campaign

New Ad Campaign Will Highlight Corrosive Influence of Fossil Fuel Industry Money on Incumbents’ Voting Records 

Washington, D.C. —Today, Sierra Club Independent Action launched its new “Toxic Money, Toxic Votes” campaign, targeting six House incumbents. This effort will invest significant resources on mail, network and cable television advertising to highlight the records of incumbents who have put the dangerous agendas of their big oil, gas, and coal campaign donors ahead of the health of their constituents and their communities.

“Big oil, gas, and coal companies have been flooding our political system with hundreds of millions of dollars, drowning out the voices of middle-class families and pushing their dirty energy agenda ahead of the needs of everyone else,” said Cathy Duvall, Sierra Club Director of Public Advocacy and Partnerships. “These six incumbents are among the worst of the worst at taking toxic money from fossil fuel billionaires and making toxic votes that threaten the health American families.” Continue reading “Sierra Club Targets Six House Incumbents With “Toxic Money, Toxic Votes” Campaign”