Join the Fight for Clean Air

Last week, Lydia Rojas told her story about her daughter, Steph, who she tragically lost to an asthma attack. Lydia asked us to stand up to the big polluters and to make sure the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hears from the public that we want clean air; we want less soot that can trigger deadly asthma attacks and we want them to save lives.Share Lydia’s story with your friends and ask them to take action against soot pollution.

Thank you to those who have joined Lydia’s fight for healthy air by sending in your comments to EPA, asking them to set the strongest health standards possible to clean up soot pollution. Because of you and thousands of others who also sent in comments, we delivered a strong message to EPA to set the strictest limits on dangerous soot pollution.

As the deadline for comment approaches, please spread the word to your family and friends about Lydia’s fight for clean air and urge them to also take action to reduce soot pollution. EPA needs to hear from as many voices as possible to set the strongest safeguards on soot pollution.

Please forward Lydia’s story and our call-to-action to your family and friends. Tell them to urge EPA to protect us from deadly soot pollution.

There are now just two more days to join with Lydia in her fight to save lives. EPA will accept comments on the health standards to limit soot pollution until Friday, August 31, at midnight.Join Lydia’s fight and keep Steph’s memory alive by telling EPA that you want less soot in the air too.
Share with Your Friends and Followers
Tweet about it: Use the hashtag #CleanAir4KidsPost on your Facebook status: “Join me and send a message to EPA TODAY: Set Strong Soot Standards:
Thank you for all you do.Sincerely,Peter Iwanowicz
Director, Healthy Air Campaign
American Lung Association

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