“Literally and figuratively, this is a scorched earth budget that represents an all-out assault on clean air, water and land. You can’t put ‘America first’ when you put the health of its people and its country last.”

Gina McCarthy, Former EPA Administrator, 2013-2017

If he had his way, in addition to cutting 20% of the EPA workforce, President Trump would hurt the country by cutting or eliminating the following EPA programs, putting the entire country at risk of breathing dirtier air, drinking unsafe water and more:

Great Lakes Restoration ($289 Million), Chesapeake Bay ($67 Million) and Puget Sound ($27 Million)

Provides funding and research to restore and clean up the region. The Trump budget, returns responsibility to financially strapped local and state governments.

Nonpoint Source Grant: $165 Million

Mitigates pollution from land runoff into waterways.

Climate Protection Program: $70 Million

Includes elimination of 14 programs, including Energy Star and Green Power Partnership.

Water Quality Research and Support Grants: $26 Million

Develop sustainable solutions for water resource issues.

Leaking Underground Storage Tank Prevention: $25 Million

Enforces petroleum releases from federally regulated underground storage tanks

Multipurpose Grants: $21 Million

Supports implementation of air and climate activities, as well as water quality standards.

National Estuary Program/Coastal Waterways: $20 Million

Protects and restores water quality and ecological integrity of estuaries.

Infastructure Assistance for Alaska Native Villages: $20 Million

Assists communities with the construction of new or improved wastewater and drinking water systems.

Other Programs and Grants: $158 Million